Sons Arise Conference #2 – Sons Invested and Enthroned livestream and recordings – 21st June to 23rd June 2018


Sons Arise Conference #2 – Sons Invested and Enthroned livestream (includes recordings)

We will be livestreaming the teaching sessions and public activations only from this event.
We do not have the capability to livestream worship sessions.
The livestream will be from a single camera in front of the speaker and will normally include the slides which accompany the presentation.

After each session the link will remain live on the livestream page indefinitely. If you purchase the livestream you will be able to access the video recordings after the event. Audio recordings and PDF slides will also be added later.

[Online only. This does not give access to the conference venue. If you wish to attend the events in person, please click here. When the recordings become available after the event, they will be downloadable mp3 audio, mp4 video and PDF files, not physical CDs/DVDs].

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